Endless Road Utah

Eating on the Road

Eating on the road while maintaining our usual healthful habits can be a challenge. Toward this I thought I’d share how we ate on a recent camping trip through Utah to visit the national parks, as well as share some travel highlights. Below, looking out the back window of the van while driving through Nevada;…

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Kitchen Tools

Recommended Kitchen Tools

You really don’t need a lot of fancy kitchen tools and equipment to be a good cook, but I do recommend the following handful of basic cutting, blending, cooking, and baking tools to make your at-home meal preparation easier and more enjoyable. Blenders: I love my blenders and use them almost daily! They are used…

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Homemade Salad Dressings

Bottled salad dressings from the grocery store typically contain an abundance of oil, salt, and/or sugar, as well as other ingredients (i.e., dairy, cheese, corn syrup, MSG, caramel coloring, thickeners, preservatives) we don’t want to put into our bodies if good health is our goal. Making salad dressings at home from scratch is the most…

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The Key to My Weight Loss | http://www.straightupfood.com

The Key to My Weight Loss

Hi Cathy, I am so happy to have found your blog; your recipes are amazing! I am 42 years old, and went vegan three years ago when I decided I didn’t want to put any more crap into my body. I started reading articles, studies, web pages and books about the negative effects of animal…

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Why Go SOS-Free?

You have heard of “gluten-free,” “sugar-free” and “fat-free,” but what about “SOS-free?” An SOS-free diet simply means that no refined salt, oil or sugar has been added to the food (during preparation, cooking or afterwards). “Going SOS-free” continues to catch on as more people strive to reduce or eliminate salt, oil and sugar in their…

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The Ingredient List: Know what’s in Your Food

As a whole-foods chef I strive to avoid packaged foods for the most part, but still buy a handful that are minimally processed, such as non-dairy milk, canned beans, and mustard. Even when buying minimally processed foods, however, I am continually reminded of how important it is to glance at the list of ingredients on…

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10 Easy Holiday Meal Tweaks

It’s not difficult to shift traditional holiday dishes toward the healthier. Keep these 10 cooking tweaks and recipe suggestions in mind as you prepare your holiday menu this year. 1. Main dish: Instead of a centerpiece dish like turkey or ham, prepare a vegetable and grain loaf, a stuffed squash and rice dish, or a…

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Answering Dietary Questions during the Holidays

While the holiday season brings another year to an end, it also brings the power to derail any of our previous dietary improvements. For those of us easily seduced by abundant holiday treats, we rationalize that January’s resolutions will come soon enough—for then we will make our health a priority. But for those of us…

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My favorite kitchen tools under $10

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” — Leonardo da Vinci Do you appreciate simple, inexpensive kitchen tools that make your life easier? Me too! With the holidays approaching, I thought it would be fun to highlight my top ten favorite kitchen tools under $10. Buy for yourself or for that special cook in your life. All…

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What is a “whole foods” diet?

Whole foods throughout the whole day! When I first started eating a plant-based diet, I heard the term “whole foods” a lot, and that a whole foods diet is very health-promoting. But I felt a little silly that I didn’t know what “whole foods” meant, exactly. I soon learned that it didn’t mean I had…

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