Mint-melon Sorbet

Naturally sweet melons make delicious treats just as they are. But they also make great sorbet! For this recipe, you can use any kind of melon and fresh herbs, but I have chosen to use mint and a casaba melon, which is white on the inside and slightly less sweet than a canteloupe. (This recipe…

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Fruit Salads with a Twist

1. Fruity Greens (above) Fresh spinach or arugula Chopped parsley Organic strawberries Orange segments Red onion, diced Avocado, diced Lime juice Hulled sesame seeds 2. Herbed Fruit Salad Grapes Melon Pear (or apple/Asian pear) Mango Blueberries Banana Minced fresh basil or mint leaves 3. Pineapple Pucker Fresh pineapple cut into chunks Fresh mint leaves, minced…

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